Standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our Approach to MVP Development

At ChivLabs Inc., we take pride in our structured approach to software development, ensuring the efficient creation of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We understand that your software project is more than just code; it’s a strategic investment in your vision. Here’s how we guide your MVP journey:

1. Project Initiation:

– Idea and Concept:We start by understanding your concept and project vision.
– Feasibility Study:We assess the project’s technical, financial, and resource feasibility.
– Project Charter: A project charter outlines our objectives, scope, and project stakeholders.

2. Requirements Gathering:

– Client Consultation:We collaborate closely with you to gather detailed requirements.
– User Stories:We create user stories or use cases to document functional and non-functional requirements.

3. Planning:

– Project Plan:We develop a comprehensive project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and resource allocation.
– Team Formation:Our experienced team assembles with the necessary skills and roles.
– MVP Definition: We work together to clearly define the features and scope of the MVP.
– Technology Stack:We help you decide on the right technologies and tools for your project.

4. Design:

– System Architecture: We define a high-level system architecture to guide the project.
– Wireframing and Mockups:We create wireframes and mockups for user interface design.
– Database Design: We design the database schema and data structure.
– Security Planning:We address security considerations and implement protective measures.

5. Development:

– Coding:Our developers start coding based on the design and requirements.
– Version Control:We use version control, such as Git, for effective code management.
– Testing Environments:We set up various testing environments to ensure code quality.
– Code Reviews:Regular code reviews are conducted to maintain high standards.

6. Testing:

– Unit Testing:We develop and run unit tests for individual code components.
– Integration Testing:We test the interaction between different modules.
– User Acceptance Testing (UAT):Your involvement in UAT ensures your requirements are met.
– Bug Tracking: We employ a bug tracking system to manage issues effectively.

7. Deployment:

– Deployment Plan:We prepare a deployment plan for the MVP.
– Release to Production: We deploy the MVP to a production environment.
– Monitoring and Feedback: We actively monitor system performance and gather user feedback.

8. Feedback and Iteration:

– Feedback Analysis:We collect and analyze user feedback to make necessary improvements.
– MVP Refinement:We make enhancements and changes based on user input.

9. Documentation:

– Technical Documentation: We create technical documentation for code and system architecture.
– User Documentation: User guides and manuals are prepared for your convenience.

10. Training:

– Client Training:We provide training to ensure you’re comfortable using the MVP.
– Support and Maintenance: Ongoing support and maintenance services are offered to keep your software running smoothly.

11. Project Closure:

– Client Acceptance: Your satisfaction with the MVP is our priority.
– Documentation Handover: We deliver all project documentation to you.
– Post-Project Review: We conduct a post-project review to identify valuable lessons learned.

12. Marketing and Promotion:

– Promotion Strategy: We develop a marketing strategy to help you promote your MVP.
– Pitch Preparation: If needed, we assist in preparing for presentations to potential investors or stakeholders.

13. Scaling:

– Scaling Strategy:We help you plan for scalability as your MVP gains traction and a user base.
– Feature Enhancements: Based on user feedback, we consider adding new features to enhance your product.

14. Continued Support:

– Ongoing Maintenance: Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the MVP’s reliability and performance.

At ChivLabs Inc., we’re more than a software development agency; we’re your dedicated partner in turning your vision into reality. We’re excited to take this journey with you and bring your MVP to life.